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Magic Array Wireless Charger 3rd Generation


This product is 3rd generation of Magic Array Wireless Charger. 5 versions available.
  1. Added 244 LEDs for better light effect
  2. Improved charging stability and speed
  3. Added a version with a sound effect (knock six times on the pad to turn off the sound effect)
  • Fast Charging- 10W version reduces charging time for up to 50%. 5W version will have the same charging time.
  • Compatibility- Works with iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 plus/ iPhone X/ XR/ Xs/ Xs Max, Samsung Galaxy Note9/ S9/ S8
  • Please Note 
    - The thickness of the phone case should be less than 6mm - Lights goes off 10 seconds after charging starts.
    - Please take off the phone case if you have a metal phone case or the case has a metallic coating 
    - Make sure that your device has wireless charging capability 
    - A fast-charging USB cable is included. Power adapter is not included.


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